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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Google+, anyone?

I used to wonder whether I was operating at a disadvantage because my blogs are hosted by Blogger instead of WordPress--that is, until Google+ made it a cinch to install their buttons on my blogs much more easily than by following the normal procedure required to install various widgets. 

Now that I and my blogs are connected to Google+, I’m happy to report that I’m experiencing a number of technical improvements (for example, better search-engine ranking and practically instantaneous blog feeds to Google+.)

But here’s the down side:  it’s downright spooky to find myself rattling around Google+, where I feel relatively alone because so many of my literally thousands of social-media contacts seem to be absent.  The system has managed to help me track down and contact only a disappointingly small number of you.  If you are already a member of Google+ but I’ve been unable to locate and contact you, please reach out to me there. 

My initial thought in joining Google+ was that it would provide an interesting new frontier for social-media experiments.  But I believe the experiments would be much more enjoyable and productive if more of my existing social-media contacts would come out and play.  So please give some thought to joining me on the platform. 

These are really my ideas.  Google+ didn’t hire me to say this.

But at the same time, if I’m overlooking any good reasons for not migrating to Google+, please let me know what they are.